Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating 10 Days That Changed the World: The Life of Gabriel Michael Gerard Cude

This post duplicates the note posted on my Facebook profile.  For those readers who I am not connected with on Facebook, I would love to get connected with you, and have you join us in this celebration. The t-shirts mentioned are still available for $15 USD, and are being shipped across the United States and to two different countries already. 

Inspired by my sister-mommy Kelly, mother to Andrew ^01-10-12 to 01-20-12^, I am asking your participation from June 10 to June 20, 2013 in activities to celebrate Gabriel's 2nd birthday.  We hope you'll join us!

Day 1 Monday June 10, 2013: We will be wearing our Gabriel t-shirts, sold as a fundraiser for the Duke University Center for Human Genetics Study of Neural Tube Defects, including anencephaly.  Please post pictures of you in your t-shirt to my Facebook profile, to be compiled in a scrapbook to commemorate Gabriel's 2nd birthday.

Day 2 Tuesday June 11, 2013:  Cupcake Day!  When Gabriel was officially one day old, in defiance of the odds, our family celebrated with cupcakes.  On this day, enjoy a cupcake in honor of Gabriel.  Please post pictures of your cupcakes to my Facebook profile, to be compiled into a scrapbook.

Day 3 Wednesday June 12, 2013:  On this day, share your memories of Gabriel, the way you were impacted by his story, and the chances you've had to share his story and impact other lives.  Please post your stories to my Facebook page to be compiled into a scrapbook.

Day 4 Thursday June 13, 2013:  Join us for a "Danny's Song" sing-along.  Loggins & Messina's "Danny's Song" became a sort of anthem for our little family, and was played at Gabriel's funeral.  On Day 4 I will post the opening line of the song as my Facebook status.  Please "sing along" by commenting with a line to the song.

Day 5 Friday June 14, 2013:  One of my favorite memories of Gabriel was the day I got to introduce him to Gideon.  Gideon was a good, protective big brother to his baby human, and I treasure my memories with the three of them.  Please snap a family photo, including the furry members, in honor of Gabe and Gid, bros 'til the wheels fall off.  Post it to my Facebook page to be compiled into a scrapbook.

Day 6 Saturday June 15, 2013:  I will be hosting a "Blueberry Brunch" at my home at 10:00 AM  The blueberry bush that thrived even after I thought it was gone came to symbolize Gabriel and his strength.  I'm extending an open invitation to a potluck brunch at my home, with an open invitation to anyone who can attend, with lots of breakfast and blueberry-themed dishes.  Please contact me if you wish to attend, and if you wish to bring a dish, and for my address.
For those who cannot attend, please enjoy blueberries in honor of Gabriel on this day.  Please post pictures of your blueberries to my Facebook page to be compiled into a scrapbook.

Day 7 Sunday June 16, 2013:  Remember Gabriel, and all babies gone too soon, and their families in your prayers at Mass and church services.  This will also be Father's Day, so dads - and moms - please hug your children for all of those parents who can't.  Hold them until they won't let you anymore.  Please post pictures of you and your children to my Facebook profile to be compiled into a scrapbook.

Day 8 Monday June 17, 2013:  Angels are all around us.  In honor of Father Ralph (Rafael) Belloumini, Gabriel's fellow archangel namesake, and Gabe, go on an angel scavenger hunt.  Look around for images of angels in your day, and snap a photo.  Please post photos to my Facebook profile.

Day 9 Tuesday June 18, 2013:  On this day two years ago, the now "famous" smiley photo of Gabriel was taken, on an afternoon full of giggles and smiles.  Share your smile with us on this day by posting a photo on my Facebook profile

Day 10 Wednesday June 19, 2013:  Every storm runs out of rain.  The rainbow was God's promise to Noah, and us, that he would never send a such a storm again.  On this day, be on the lookout for rainbows, and post a picture to my Facebook profile.

Angelversary Thursday June 20, 2013:  To celebrate Gabriel's 2nd Heavenly birthday, we will be doing a balloon release at Mesa Marin.  Following the release, Uncle Tim's softball team will play their weekly game in honor of Gabriel, and some of the team members will be wearing their Gabriel t-shirts.  Join us to cheer the team on to winning the game for Gabe, followed by karaoke at The Wright Place.

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